New Home Construction is something we have been involved in for years. It doesn't matter what your stage in life is, we can work out a plan for you. If you have a specific lot in mind, one that you currently own, some plans for your future...we can put you in touch with the financial professionals to secure the funds to make your dream a reality.
The basic process of building a home is fairly straightforward. It starts with proper planning, which inlcudes a solid set of plans for construction and placing the home on the lot to maximze the most important natural features of the land. From there, a firm foundation is essential for long term performance of the overall structure. The Arbor Construction Group insists on using qualified soils engineers to evaluate the subsurface conditions whenever we pour a foundation. Additionially, we approach every project with the end product in mind, utilizing 3D imaging and detailed plans to ensure there are no major surprises during construction.

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